Legian and Kuta, Indonesia

I got to Bali a day before Meagan and Mandy (M&M) arrived, so I stayed at the nicest hostel I have ever stayed at in my life! Island Hotel’s dorm room was spotless and very comfortable. The decor is beautiful and there’s a little pool right outside that I fell in when I was just putting my feet in at night and didn’t notice the black bottom steps. There’s tons of people from everywhere and it is a perfect place to socialize.

I meet a huge group and we went out to Sky lounge on Legian. I wish I could have stayed longer, but I’d rather be with my M&M, so walked about 15 minutes to Puri Dewa Bharata Hotel. About 5 minutes after getting there they arrived by taxi. Perfect timing! It was so nice to see some familiar faces that I adore!!


We settled in took a nap. We woke at 2 am and went out in search for food. Noodle soup dishes from the 24 mart had to do.

The next day we walked around to go shopping and walked down the beach. Such a beautiful sunset!


Bintang sunset


The next night we went to surfer bar where they had a live 90’s band playing anything between Nirvana and Rage Against the Machine.  We danced our feet off.


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