Perth, Australia

Perth is where my endless summer came to a halt. When I arrived it was raining. I actually miss a little cold weather with some rain. My preparedness wasn’t as extensive as I’d like, but at least I took a beanie, two pairs of long warm socks and leggings from the Cairns Waterfront hostel’s “One man’s trash is another’s treasure” pile.

I came all the way from Cairns because I wanted to do a road trip with my Brazilian friend, Artur. I stayed with him and his cousins (Paula and Vinni) in Perth for 3 days. They were so sweet and made me a delicious Brazilian BBQ when I arrived. The rump streak, lamb and chorizo were excellent. We had a delicious potato salad and a Spinage cranberry almond salad. They were super hospitable and made it a point to make me included on all conversations by speaking English as much as possible. I wouldn’t mind listening to Portuguese conversations, but it was nice the effort they were making 😉

They drove me around to show me Perth. The ocean was very choppy due to the storm. The green water was accentuated by the grey sky. It was very pretty. We drove through a huge park in Perth.

Even though rain was in the forecast we decided to embark on our road trip with our hippie camper. $97/ day to rent this camper was the best price we could find for a good vehicle. It has a sink, fridge, microwave and gas stove.




For the next 10 days, we’ll be traveling about 1000 miles from Perth south to Pemberton.


Goodbye Perth!

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