Cairns, Australia part 2

After cold, rainy Perth, I decided to head back to Cairns on the east coast and get my endless summer back in order.

My hostel dorm had two sweeds that were super nice. The only thing is their bags smelled like poop and sweat.  Once they brought them in I tried not puking. Oh the joys of sharing a room with a couple of strangers. 

Last time I was in Cairns, I made friends with my diving guide, Casey. He’s Australian, yet sounds British. We went for a swim at a waterfall in the Wooroonooran National Park. On the way there and back we checked out the pyramid.



1st level of the water fall


Climbing up to jump

Casey had a birthday get together at a local hangout, the Green Ant Cantina, so I crashed it. Jk I was invited. They had street artist tagging out front and a really good DJ. It is a cool local hangout. We also got drinks during the day.

Oh, forgot to mention Snoop Dogg was there. He was painted on the wall. Yeeeee!


We also took a trip up to the Daintree Rainforest in Cape Tribulation. We stayed at the Cape Trib Beach House, which was located on the beach side. It was super nice and what made it even better they double booked our dorm beds so we got upgraded to the best room at the resort, which was super close to the beach.




We went for a walk on the beach early in the morning. The beaches have a beautiful mangroves on the shores. At one area of the mangroves we spotted 3 baby reef sharks, little fish and a sting ray in super shallow water. I scared the sharks away when I whipped my head around forcing my ponytail to swing around. At least we got to see them while they were there.

Since we were in the rainforest we thought it be a good idea to go in a bush walk (hike). We chose Mt. Sorrow trail because it was near by and we read it had a great view. Now I understand why its called Mount Sorrow, because you are in a world of sorrow during and after. It is the gnarliest hike I’ve ever done. It knocks Laguna Beach’s top of the world hike off the charts.  Not only was steep the trail was loose and you had to use woody vines and trees to help you scale the mountain. At one point it was so steep there was a rope.


I'm crying it was so gnarly


Rope was very useful!



680 meters high (2,230 ft) revealed an excellent view.


If I did it again, I’d do the following:
1. Bring more water
2. Wear pants and long sleeves
3. Prepare myself mentally
4. Go early in the morning when it is cooler.

I purchased a Greyhound mini traveler pass that will take me anywhere I want south down till Melbourne for the next 90 days. I can’t back track, so I will be full steam ahead. I planed my stops and found that I’ll save about $ 150 with the pass rather than purchasing individual tickets. Hopefully I will make more stops than anticipated to get more bang for my buck.

The train was another option, but it is too difficult to book your tickets and it takes longer than the bus.

Next stop is Airlie Beach, which is one of the gateways to the Whitsundays. I booked a day sailing trip with Camera to Whitehaven Beach the next day because the bus ride will be all day.

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