Hervey Bay/ Fraser Island, Australia

When I arrived to Hervey Bay my ankle was super stiff, I could barely walk since the sprain was super swollen. Thankfully the Fraser Roving Hostel shuttle was waiting for me. The driver gave me crutches right when we arrived. They really helped because I needed to get an ice pack and some breakfast. Man, it is such a great workout. My abs, arms, back, shoulders, legs were all getting worked as I hobbled along.

Australians would strike up a funny convo about the crutches and other backpackers just stared at me uncomfortably. It is as if they are thinking, “Damn, I’m glad that’s not me!” I smiled as much as possible yet there were times I wanted to yell, “WTH are you looking at, someone carry me, please!!” Haha jk!!

I postponed my 4wheeling trip on Fraser Island, because I wanted to wait and see if my ankle was really bad or not. I rested for 3 days and was finally able to walk with an ankle brace. I walked around Hervey Bay on the Esplanade.  The strong winds sent a bunch of white cockatoos flying out of control, which made them squawk like crazy. They were being a little dramatic. Then I walked by a tree full of huge fruit bats hanging upside down on the branches. I saw some kite surfers and wind boarders and further down the Esplanade was a bowl for skateboarding.

That night a possum came into the hostel and an Australian fed him almonds. They are much cuter and friendlier than the ones back at home.

Cooldingo Frasher Island Trip 3 days 2 nights

Fraser Island is a World Heritage Park and is the largest sand island in the world. It is incredible that forests were able to grow on sand. Being that the roads were all sand it was a bumpy ride throughout the island. Cooldingo was the tour company I picked. This has been my favorite thing I’ve done in Australia so far! My group was small and they were over booked in the hostel, so we all got upgraded with our own room at the Kingfisher Resort.

Day One
Hopped on the ferry to the island and met a British guy and girl (Lacey and Rob) who were also traveling alone. Our tour guide, Jess, picked us up and took us to Lake McKenzie. Normally this lake has crystal blue clear waters, but about a couple of months ago they received record breaking amounts of rain and the lake engulfed surrounding trees thus the green tint in the water.



After that we headed to central station where we did a hike through the forest. There’s a creek where you can actually drink the water because the sand purifies it. Aboriginal women used to give birth in this creek and aboriginal men are not allowed to enter this creek to this day.


Sip of water 😉


Day Two
First we went to a ship wreck on the beach. The Maheno was a cruise liner ship which did the u shape route from Auckland to Sydney. It was used in WW1 in the battle of Gallipoli because it was so fast. Once it was retired they sold it to Japan and on route there was a freak Cyclone and the ship ended up on Frasers shore and it has been there since. A bomb hit it in WW2.



Next we went to Indian Head to check out the beautiful view of the ocean and to see if we could spot some whales, turtles and sting rays.


We did see tons of turtles a sting ray and whales way off in the distance.

Here’s our tour group 🙂


Lacey, Federico, Joe squared (2 Canadian sisters with same nickname) Rob, me and two German peeps holding Jess

We then went to the Champagne pools.


Then we went to freshwater Eli Creek to going tubing down it.


Day Three
Stand up paddle boarding in the morning on Lake Garawongera then 45 minute hike to Lake Wabby, which has a sand dune right next to it. There are nibble fish in the water that will give you a natural pedicure. It tickled.


Lake Garawongera


Lake Wabby


Cat fish in Lake Wabby

On the hike to Lake Wabby we spotted a Goanna, an Australian Monitor Lizard.



Then we headed back to Hervey Bay on the ferry.

The three of us all headed to Noosa on the greyhound bus which has WiFi!!

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