Auckland, New Zealand

Rain. Lots of Rain when I arrived, but warmer than Melbourne, so I was OK. I was hoping for better weather the next day because canyoning (abseiling) was in my schedule.  Yes, with my gimp ankle.

I woke up to birds chirping and sunshine shining! It was on. I went with AWOL and we dominated the Piha Canyon. Javier was our guide and Connor was on the ride for training to be a guide. A Canadian couple went for the ride and they were awesome 😉


From the top of Piha canyon


First one


First waterfall


Second one highest and the best

We saw an eel in this pool. It was quite friendly. It started raining, so we picked up the pace.


Narrowest and scariest!

There were a couple of jumps after that but nothing too high or scary.

We also checked out the black sanded beach.



After Javier and I got dinner and a beer.


Skycity tower in the middle

I was going to do the Canyonoz Canyoning in Thames, but it was double the price and they don’t pick you up from Auckland. It is definitely a better one to do and a lot harder.  Something maybe my ankle couldn’t handle.

The next day I head to Rotorua for spas and natural springs and mud geysers. 

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