Uluwatu, Bali, Indonesia

From Seminyak we took a private van to Uluwatu. On the way there our driver bumped a motor bike and we had to stop to see if the drivers were OK. Luckily no one was hurt. The driver gave them money and we were on our way.


We stopped off for a delicious seafood lunch right on the beach.



We made another stop at Padang beach for a ripcurl surf competition.


We stayed at Banjangi Villas, which was nice except for the sewage stench that would come and go. It was a Sunday and we happened to stumble upon Single Fin, which it goes off on Sunday nights. We came straight from the beach. We ran into 2 people that M&M met on their flight to Bali.


The sunset was really pretty there and it was a good view of the surfers getting the waves.


We ran home on the rolling hills. I was so sore the next day! As we got back our neighbors invited us to go back, but we were a pooped and in need of a shower!

The next day M&M visited the temple and a beach. I sat that one out and did laundry because I wasn’t feeling well.


A monkey stole Meagan’s flip flop while she was walking. He began to bite it and it hissed at them as they tried to get it back. They got a worker to distract him with a banana and they got the flip flop back.

The next day I ran to the temple with Mandy. We didn’t go in, but I saw all the monkeys lined up on the sidewalk. Smart little boogers.

Off to Ubud next!

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